Mission AniSong’09, AFA’09.. ╰(>ワ<)╯♡

Hmm… Im still not fully prepared yet, as I have yet to scout for extra glowsticks. Each concert pass holder will indeed receive glowsticks, but im not sure about the colour. Im planning to look for electrical ones so I can reuse again and again.
☑ concert ticket
☑ accomodation
☑ transportation
☑ currency
☐ extra glowsticks
☐ extra batteries

I just picked up my concert ticket from Holiday Tours & Travel (http://www.holidaytours.com.my/) KL HQ (SISTIC authorized agent) today. For those who havent pick em up yet, the office is just opposite Tesco Extra Taman Wahyu, KL.

This year I will be flying down Singapore instead of riding the bus, thinking I should save my time from the road traffic and It will be my 1st time touching down in Changi Int Airport. I’m taking Firefly aka Kunang-kunang (http://www.fireflyz.com.my/) as its cheap, the airstrip is just behind my backyard (well  not really, but its just 15mins drive from home), and I want to experience riding a propeller plane (It has been decade since I rode one).

In Singapore, I’ll just walk or take the MRT since i’ll be staying somewhere around Bugis area.

Being a cheap fag, I’ll be staying in a small dorm instead of a 3star hotel. I do not see the reason to spend alot on a bed where I will be sleeping on it from 12am-6am. I believe in Singapore you arent allowed to camp in sleepingbags outside buildings/in the park. So at least try to get some cheap dorms. You can try http://www.hostelworld.com/ for instance.

If you’ll be crashing in a room together with your friends or some strangers, I suggest do get some spare batteries. I’ve learnt through past experience where in a big room, the powerplug is so limited you need to take turns to charge your battery/gadgets ( ̄■ ̄;)


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4 responses to “Mission AniSong’09, AFA’09.. ╰(>ワ<)╯♡”

  1. Brian says :

    Propeller Planes?! Sounds…ancient. XD. What’s it like?

    Anyways, have fun when the time comes.

  2. Hangmen says :

    Haven’t been to Singapore for almost 15 years now. I should try arranging my own trip to go there some day.

    • e-jump says :

      My 1st out of country trip wasnt SG, and my 1st SG touch down was last year.
      Cant say how SG has change now since I was never there a decade ago.
      You’re not AFA’ing?

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