Energizer flats out, ReCyko+ to the rescue?

I was at the Anime Hanabi event today snapping pics, and by 200+ shots my Energizer NiMH 2500 mAh flats out and failing my HVL-F58AM  flash (屮゜Д゜)屮

Darn i was so frustrated multiple levels and I went straight to look for some replacement/backups. Friends suggested me to look for Eneloop, ReCyko, Sony whites, PowerEX and the likes. I soon learnt that NiMH rechargeables actually comes in two variants, the normal based Capacity ie (800mAh all the way to 2700mAh), and a low self-discharge type where they can last so long months in between use D:


My Energizer has no problem serving me with fast recycle time, but it flats out so fast and suffers badly to retain the power when not in use (it went flat within days after full recharge but not use). I suggest keep yourself away from Energizers if you intend to use it as backups.

Will do a test run tomorrow for Anime Hanabi Day2 in preparations for AFA to see how good this ReCyko+ will do. Its a little concern that these Low self Discharge types comes with lower mAh ratings.

So, Energizer flats out, ReCyko+ to the rescue? I guess yes as theres no way i will do the other way round.


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