AFA’09 I❤AniSong Day1, Shoko-tan+Aniki=AWESOME

Picture said it all.

The concert was awesome. It began around 7.30pm, after everyone get onto their seats. Yes, seats. We are geven em. Below is how the stage looks like from my seat at row B 🙂 Yeah, the speakers, they obstruct my view!!

Shokotan started the concert with her version of EVA Cruel Angel Thesis from her album ‘Anison no Koi wo Shite’ and ended with her latest Kokoro no Antenna. The moment she entered, everyone started standing. That Chair That Chair That Chair ……. It was the same case as Daicon09 Minorin Live, where Chairs do nothing.

Recording and Photo Taking are STRICTLY Prohibited!

She sang 8 songs, and all are anime related. I was hoping she sang ‘Arigatou no Egao’ but she didnt(obviously). However most of the fans having a hard time to wave the glowsticks in sync (me included). I need to train harder.

Before that concert, she was having an autograph session for those who bought her album there. This was a suprise to me, as it was not in the schedule. Since her latest single wasnt sold there, and my normal version of Arigatou no Egao still stuck at PlayAsia, i missed the autograph boat. At least I go a chance to snap her pic 🙂

Hatsune Miku than continued with 3 songs. No hologram rendering glass for her like in Japan, its just a 3D rendering on projector screen. Some part of the clip got laggy. They need to run em on quad core system i guess.

Aniki then continued with around 13 if P did not lost count of his super robot songs. He was pumped up along the way of his performance. Mazinger ZETTO!!

It was hot(its hot+humid here in SG/MY) multiple godly level for the person on stage, as Shoko-tan and Aniki was sweating a lot. Despite the heat, they gave all they have. YEY

In the end, Aniki did 1 Encore solo, and 2 duet Encore with Shoko-tan. AWESOME!!! My USD130 has been well spent halfway thru. Cant wait for Day2 Fukuyama+May’n. sore hands and legs will not hinder me for AniSong enjoyment.

*my number of songs might be inaccurate as i messed up the count in the excitement =__=”

p/s: Sorry, no DRAMA this year

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