AFA’09 I❤AniSong Day2, Fukuyama+May’n>9000

Day2 Anisong started slightly early compared to day1. Pass holders were allowed to enter the stage area as early as 6.10pm compared to Day1 which was around 6.45pm. Same seat again, row B.

At around 6.30pm/ Mr Fukuyama-san of JAM Project appeared and started the concert with King Gainer(?) song. I do know JAM Project, but unfortunately i dont know all their songs. Nevertheless by his 3rd song, he went to acoustic mode strummin his guitar.

Macross7 song never felt as better as in acoustic mode. He followed up 4 songs, where one of it he followed the request by fans. However throughout the concert, Fukuyama-san seems to be coughing. Maybe its because the on-stage firework smoke attacked his throat, he was too energetic :p , or he was unwell 😮

After 6 songs with Fukuyama-san, then the microphone was passed to May’n to continue the night. Her dancers appeared on the stage well before her.

She started with 3 new songs that soon to be released new single. My rage sense tingling when May’n chosen songs for the performance wasnt anime related, because I can attendee not waving the glowsticks and some even seating.

Obviously May’n was so pumped-up that she can dance throughout her 4 non anime (3 new + May’n Space) and 5 Sheryl songs(I think, cant remember); Northern Cross, Lion, Iteza Dont be Late, Welcome Fanclub, Infinity.

Encore you say? We get Fukuyama+May’n duet on acoustic Diamond Cravese and boombastic Dynamite Explosion (Macross7). Would be godly if on the final day, all 4 of Aniki, Shoko-tan, Fukuyama-san and May’n are all on stage.

To add, MayleneMylene and Basara got their Fukuyama-Seal-of-Approval on their guitars. Congrats.

So after the concert I with my sore hands, I overheard that some May’n/MacrossF fans were unhappy that they get only 5+1 Sheryl songs out of many. I do find it a little unfair as I also wish Shoko-tan to perform her new non-anime Arigato no Egao singles, but It has been stated that May’n will be performing her new songs so i treated it as a privilege.

Anyway Fukuyama promises that it wont be long for full JAM Project to come down here. Hell YEAH!! Whats next? Mizuki Nana?

AniSong is evil, they reap your moneys and enslave you to concerts. I DONT CARE as IM ENJOYING IT TO THE FULLEST!!

p/s: pics are from their autograph sessions


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12 responses to “AFA’09 I❤AniSong Day2, Fukuyama+May’n>9000”

  1. linkinstreet says :

    Tunggu aku bawak SCANDAL datang Malaysia =3

  2. wolfx says :

    I was abit LOL when fukuyama said he’ll bring “HIS BAND” next time. I figured he was talking about F-band (Fukuyama band) but the crowd started chanting JAM Project …..JAM Project isn’t really a band is it? LOL….so i’m not sure which band he meant. If he really meant F-Band and the crowd misunderstood it to be JAM Project, it would be pretty ouch.

  3. Fallen says :


    Might be but i don’t think he minds. JAM Project does have its own support band who went along with them on certain stops on last years and this years tour (Taiwan and S.Korea I think). JAM members them also always do an acoustic session together or their concerts.

    Anyway the important thing (and i think some people missed it) was him staying that he’ll be returning back together as 5 friends.

  4. MinTos says :

    Just a small correction, it’s Mylene, not Maylene! And it was Fukuyama-sensei signing our guitars! Other than that, thanks for our guitar signing pictures! \>w</

  5. Anjerasu says :

    Freaking photographer on stage blocked the views…I kept shouting move move…should have said “JAMADA!!!” as I only knew they were actually japanese photographers x_X

  6. Cho_Hakkai says :

    I hope they bring the seiyuu of Lynn Minmay to AFA10, Mari Iijima. It will be an event that is really a “Deculture” event.

  7. hero factory says :

    Justice Kamen is already on youtube Diponível

    The first part of Justice Kamen can already be seen on youtube. This short is a production of the Hero Factory and is based on the fanzine Fernando Pereira Barbosa who also directed the film.

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