AFA’09: with DannyChoo

DannyChoo has been seen lingering Suntec Convention Center since Friday. From human mode in AAC conference during the day, to Trooper mode in the night terrorizing the citizens of Singapore.

Unfortunately I did not catch any of his Trooper Dance live antic anywhere in Singapore as my trooper radar was malfunctioning thanks to Ewoks. Yeah, i missed the moe moe maid dance too. Oh well, we can pretty much resort to youtube/ anyway.

On Saturday AFA09 Day’1, he was at GSC TFS figure booth, meeting his blog followers. Shook hands with him and took his picture. Also passed up WiseFreeMan’s massage to Danny as he couldnt make it.

Theres a lot of GSC+Koto stuff including the Nendoroids on display. Sorry that I dont shoot much photos of em because Im not into Nendos, no sign of Maid Caster and Ilya, and reserving my CF for cosplays. Just google the picture up and you’ll get whats on display.

Danny was spotted visiting all other booths, making an appearance with Power Rangers, had a meetup/checkup with the Regional Cosplay Comp. Finalists, and all other stuff that a trooper can do. (No, no Ewoks hunting).

Later in the day, Danny was up the stage giving a short presentation on who he is, and what is all about. I like the part about the healthy mousepad where you can double your employees work rate/productivity with small investment.

Trooper was seen enjoying Shokotan concert before disappearing to the Dark Star for dinner.

On Sunday, Danny were as busy as on Saturday, lingering around the hall. He also co-hosted the K-On Experience Dub/Panel session. I will get on to this K-ON thingie on my next post.

Later in the evening, he held an autograph/card exchange session with fellow fans/followers. He was also accompanied by sweet Alodia and Ashley, who both cosplayed as Mirai and Haruka.

Danny and Alodia autographed my AniSong pass :3

Throughout the whole event, Danny’s wife has been very supportive. She is there wherever Danny was going, and handing out Danny’s GSC-TFS card. I think she doesnt like her pics to be taken/posted as she is not featured even on ‘official’ AFA affiliate blog post.

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7 responses to “AFA’09: with DannyChoo”

  1. Anjerasu says :

    My luck for getting any autographs for the whole event was seriously bad, I spend most of the time on stage side and walking about getting ‘zero-action’. I even missed the end of sales were I told the guy at the booth I wanted to get something after the show but it was to late as the gates closed. And those who I asked to take photos with me with the artist, bunch of noobs cant operate DSLR or something, all them photos came out blur, mental note must bring a speedlite (I made a mistake not bringing one).

    • e-jump says :

      Well, sometimes shat happens.
      As for me, I was just behind the end of queue (sign) for Danny’s autograph on Sunday.
      Danny said that he still have time for everyone, and I got my Danny’s scribble :3 Alodia’s sign was a bonus.

      I usually dont trust people with my camera too, as different different dslr has different settings. You should have at least set to Auto for foolproof >_<

      No cheapo cospa/afa tshirt for me too.. I got POOLS CLOSED, move along.

      • Anjerasu says :

        I was having a lunch break during the sign session, and the Philippines sisters, I saw them going to the afa hall when I was about to leave for my lunch break. I really hate my luck.

        I did set to auto for noob handlers but STILL the photos came out wrong. Seriously not many people were able to use my camera which god know I dunno.

        If this was a 1 week event I’ll really go bold by the time i reach 30.


        • e-jump says :

          If i think back, I cant figure out why i lost a lot of time and didnt cover much.
          I didnt even went to checkout the JoySound booth, and took lotsa cosplayers pics =__=”

  2. Shin says :

    Not enough yuri.

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