AFA’09: JoySound Afreko Experience

1st of all, I do not know what Afreko word stands for. Anyhow it has something to do with the live dubbing and karaoke booth machine outside by JoySound . Since it was stated/listed in the schedule between Kaname★ and K-On session, I decided to stay at the stage area.

Wasnt expecting much from from this filler activity at first. Session kicked started with 3 lovely ladies not in maid dancing on the stage. Unfortunately no photography were allowed after the dance.

Youtube clip brought to you by

The karaoke demo session was good as the the maid Tomomi and horney(intentional typo) Ume really can sing. But I cant see whats so special about the Joysound Karaoke machine compared to the normal ones.

As for the dubbing machine, lol IT WAS AWESOME. Not only It has the scene playback and dialogue displayed (in Japanese), but you get the rating system too. If you clearly watch the video of the live dubbing above right below the yellow bar on the top, you can see the green bar magic circuit. This dubbing thingie has potential to be made a game.

Made me wonder if they have chosen the wrong mode for the karaoke demo, to not have the rating system ¯\(º_o)/¯

Just so you know, they actually made the Karaoke game for wii ->

———-edit 9th Dec————-


So, Nogizaka Purezza Vocab corner just shared what is afreko/af-reco.


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6 responses to “AFA’09: JoySound Afreko Experience”

  1. zh3us says :

    Wooo? Its on youtube!

  2. intineult says :

    Oh my god loved reading this article. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

  3. randoms says :

    ahh, e-jump, what makes the karaoke machine special is, you pay a fix fee and get to stream and access all the j-pop + anime song to the machine and sing all you want. Same for the wii games as well. But is kind of expensive machine for home use, LOL! I heard it cost like 30K SGD to own one. 🙂

    • e-jump says :

      Thanks for the info bro.
      I guess the Demo onstage version should have the rating system like the wii game. But they didnt demo it properly, and whats more, Seikan Hikou with random 3D human? =__=”

  4. e-jump says :

    So, Nogizaka Purezza 09 just shared was is Af-reco >_<

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