Anime Festival Asia’09 roundup

So it has been a week since AFA’09 ended, and I bet whoever saw this post on the RSS will go ‘aww… not AFA’09 post again.. щ(゚Д゚щ) ‘. Originally I was intending to do a Kaname☆ post covering his cosplay panel session for fangirls out there, but my laziness beats me to it.

My day1 started somewhat trolled as when I stepped out at the CityHall MRT station at around 9am, I was greeted with an alarm siren. Found out that the underpass from the station all the way to Suntec convention hall was closed shut due to terrorist(?) =___=”. No pics, because I got pissed.

Reached the hall at about quarter past 9 together with other sweaty attendees as we decided to walk on the surface of the earth under the sun.

The flood gate was opened at around 10am, and it seems a lot of people were running to queue at KKnM booth to get exclusive items, and chasing Dannychoo.

The internal hall layout was slightly changed as AFA decided to eliminate the arcade gaming section for a larger stage section. The stage area consumed 1 whole hall (AFA was held on a 2hall venue).

*This kind-of concert great-walls are getting famous these days, eh?

Also attended the Regional Cosplay competition, but I was so far at the back. So no good shots for this (see pics above). I did not stay for the winner announcement though.

I pretty much wandered aimlessly shooting random photos till around 3pm, went for lunch, and came back for Danny’s presentation. More on DanyChoo on my AFA’09 with DannyChoo post.

After that I went down to level4 to capture some cosplay shots. Man the crowd was huge.

Feel free to browse the gallery here.

Later went back up again into the stage area for my Shokotan+Aniki dosage.

Day2 started somewhat slow-n-easy for me. I spent my whole morning from 10am to 3+pm in the hall stage area for a good seating for Kaname☆ panel and K-On experience. Yey for wasting few hours of my life.

Kaname☆ had a cosplay panel session where he shares what is cosplay all about, guides on makeups, to photography and posings. Its a good meaningful information for me because he did touch on photography topic. Overall, makeups is srs bznz.

Then follows up was the Afreko demo session with JoySound. I did some coverage about it here. Next was the K-On live dubbing and QnQ session. Unfortunately no photography and recording were allowed in both these sessions.

Then I ate lunch, and went for Danny Choo autograph session.

Continued wondering around outside the hall for more targets.

Ended my day with Fukuyama+may’n concert.

The only thing I bought there was Sanyo Eneloop batteries as they were cheap and they got the latest batch selling. Other merchandises did catch my attention, and AFA shop was not putting the I❤Anisong for cheap even at the end of day2.

All in all, AFA’09+!❤Anisong experience worth monies spent. Will I be back to Singapore for more? Yep, but maybe not as soon as EOY’09 ;__;

Next stop, ComicFiesta’09..

If you do not wish to view my crappy wall of text(which you already did by this point) head over to my AFA’09 photo gallery here.


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4 responses to “Anime Festival Asia’09 roundup”

  1. 轩轩喫茶店 says :

    see you at AFA2010 next year 🙂

    btw, think I saw you there? not sure you remember me though sat, behind you during Minorin concert in Daicon…

    • e-jump says :

      i find it creepy someone unknown recognize me >_<

      You should intro yourself 🙂
      I also met few friends that I last met since AFA'08. I may not remember the names, but I do recognize the face. I guess AFA/GACC/Daicon will become annual regional meet-ups :p

  2. Naruto Shippuden says :

    Fantastic web site you have, I really like your style. Very distinctive and well laid-out. I have been a fan of anime since I was 10 years old. I found your site while looking for something else on Ask, and I don’t have time to read all the articles that is here right now, I have bookmarked the home page and will visit regularly to see what’s new. What is your favorite anime movie? I couldn’t pick a favorite, they are all so well-done. Click here if you’d like to check out my site. Thanks again for having this site – it really brought back memories.

    • e-jump says :

      Thanks for the complement. Glad you like the blog.

      Anyway, I do not have a specific favorite. But I can say I’m a fan of RozenMaiden. Unfortunately I cant afford the custom Rozen Maiden dollfies.
      *Blatant ecchi fanservice material no longer my cup of tea.

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