ComicFiesta’09 Day1 Cosplay Teaser

Yesterday(Saturday) was the Day1 of Comic Fiesta’09. As the name suggest, its a comic festival held in Malaysia for local and neighboring country fan-circles to participate and market their stuff. Its similar to Comiket and totally different to AFA.

Since its already past midnite and i need some rest, here’s somesmall amount of cosplay shots that I capture. *Theres more, but i’ll upload on a later day as I need to rejuvenate for Day2.

Crave for more enjoy

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11 responses to “ComicFiesta’09 Day1 Cosplay Teaser”

  1. bookindian says :

    cosplay is certainly very big in Malaysia – nice photos 😀

  2. Panther says :

    FF12 cosplay, good effort.

    That Kagamine twin (no idea which one she is doing, probably Rin) is good too.

  3. Kona says :

    You know, since you said that you weren’t going to wear your black Mokona hat, I didn’t know how to spot you, since I have not seen your photo before. :\

    There were a few cosplayers whom I wanted to take a photo of but missed the chance, so I am here hoping that your posts will have their pics. XD

  4. Shimapan says :

    cute Neru is cute

  5. e-jump says :

    @bookindian: Yep, cosplay has been growing steadily here 🙂
    Thanks. I hope to further improve my photo skills

    @PantherI think thats Akita Neru (as Shimapan pointed out)
    Will process more pics this week

    @Kona: I guess there goes another year. We arent destined to met ;__;

    @Shimapan: Will dig more pics of her in my CFcard.

    Unfortunately this year I didnt manage to shoot lots of cosplayers due to the hallway was too crowded and the lighting was too dark (my flash turns out too harsh on the lightings) 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

  6. Junnie says :

    Oh dear, thank you for uploading this~! (I’m the Bride Miku in the 7th picture, BTW XD) You’ve did a good job on taking the pictures~~^^ *keeping them in my file*

    Hope to see more from you, especially Day 2~! (I’m not there at Day 2 TT^TT)

    • e-jump says :

      Hi Junnie
      Glad you like it. I’m in the process to re’edit your pics as well(adjusting the lighting balance etc). Do revisit my gallery in few days time 🙂

  7. Hangmen says :

    In before guest18.

    • e-jump says :

      sorry to shatter your expectation bro.
      no G18 as I was away on day2

      Anyway, Im working on actual edits of cosplays on my flickr. feel free to drop by

  8. Cho_Hakkai says :

    I hope that there will be a very good cosplayer who will be feature in “Otacool2” for Malaysian.

    I also hope that there will be WGC for Malaysia’s team in Japan next year.

    • e-jump says :

      We actually have a bunch of good cosplayers, but most of them dont give a damn about competition I dont know why. Most likely will be the same for OtaCool2.
      Maybe theyre not good with skits n drama, or did it purely for the fun of it 😐

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