May’n BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010

Just so everyone/fans know. 1sts stop will be Kuala Lumpur. Venue is yet to be confirmed. This will be a full fledged concert.

May’n will be the 2nd star from Japan JPOP-Anime singer to perform in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where the 1st was Minorin last year.

For those who wants to go solely for her MacrossF songs, I bet you gonna get 50-50 mixed feeleng there, as she may perform her non-anime singles as well. Theyre good for those who is ok with POP/hiphop 🙂

For those who have attended AFA Singapore for the past two editions might go “may’n? not again…..”. But for me, a 3rd round is fine too

–edit— has updated both web appearance(now with flash interface) and tour info. Unfortunately only HK stop has been updated. Still no news for MY and TW yet.

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3 responses to “May’n BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010”

  1. Junnie says :

    MAY’NNNNNNN >Wv_____<

  2. e-jump says :

    Yup, cant wait for more details on MY Tour

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