e-jump’s cosplay photography 2010 kickstart

So, just to share what I’ve been up to for the past 2weeks. Last week I went for a shoot that was organized by a club. Its open to outsiders, so why not.

After the christmas/new year break, my shots turned somewhat dodgy =__=”

Nell-tu’s gallery

Pyro’s gallery, Storm Shadow’s gallery.

And yesterday, tagged a friend of mine as a backup photographer. I had some time to learn from my last week mistakes. This session was my bestest experience ever as i had the time to play with lenses. It was a hot sunny day thoough >_<”

Luka’s gallery (still in progress)

Kaito’s gallery

Ah, feel free to comment and critic the shots 😉


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3 responses to “e-jump’s cosplay photography 2010 kickstart”

  1. linkinstreet says :

    thanks for tagging along. Had a fun time using YOUR lense as well lol

  2. sakura says :

    kaito!! *save* kaito outfit is from?

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