What is this.. I dont even…. POS MALAYSIA!!!

An example of massive FAIL…. (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAGE

Goddamn POS MALAYSIA. This is taking a little too far.. MASSIVE FAIL and PIECE OF SHIT SERVICE. Just because there’s no POSMalaysia stamp on it doesnt mean you can treat/ throw that parcel like garbage.

Or actually it doesnt really make any difference if theres were even a POSMalaysia stamp on it?

On the side note, here’s what inside.

It’s just a Banpresto K-On Mugi. Luckily she’s a plushie and can endure service abuse. If it was my single CDs…..

p/s: im too lazy to link my past experiences with POS(FAIL)Malaysia.

p/s 2: i should have that FFFFFFF expression since long time ago

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6 responses to “What is this.. I dont even…. POS MALAYSIA!!!”

  1. shukry says :

    should use abx lol, wait…nvm

  2. samejima says :

    Fckn customs here still haven’t released my fedex shipment yet which contains Vocaloid Charm strap Tetoe/Rin/Miku and Yui (K-on!) tshirt, it’s been 2 weeks now.. dammit.

  3. samejima says :

    Well yeah up until the recent shipment which the authorized center here told me that they can’t do anything about the package being held by the customs since it’s not within their control but she’d be giving a follow-up call on the main fedex office here. Hope all will be well soon.

  4. andy says :

    i even lost my parcel from UK to Klang twice! never trust pos malaysia!

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