SIGMA 28F1.8 EX DG Macro in da house ( ゚ ▽ ゚)ノ

It’s been few months since i last upgraded my gears. And for this particular gear, I was planning to have it in hand by the new year. Unfortunately the stock was depleted and I had to wait for a month. The wait finally paid off as i got it in hand 24hrs ago.

This is my 1st prime lens. Had played with 50F1.8 and 50F1.7 sometime ago, I felt that I too need big F-Stop Aperture that cant be offered by zooms.I chose SIGMA 28F1.8 specifically for the wide angle, FullFrame compatible and the MACRO/small MFD (min focusing distance). 30F1.4 looks tempting too and was in my consideration list, but its not FF compatible and the mfd doubles the 28F1.8.

SIGMA 28F1.8 comes with a pouch to store the lens. Unlike average under 50mm primes, SIGMA primes are somewhat large. 77mm filter thread ( ̄■ ̄;)

Below are some of sample shots on my LevanPolka Miku. On the left is a shot from my Tamron 17-50F2.8 @26mm and on the right is 28F1.8.

As you can see at almost identical focal point range of both lens, the prime can get way up close to the subject thanks to the Macro capabilities and short mfd. Yay now I can do figure portraits as well LOL.

And below are some shots of 28F1.8 at different aperture to show what you can expect from the DOF (depth of field).

@ F1.8

@ F2.2





Cant wait to try this prime on cosplay photography ( ゚ ▽ ゚)ノ

In b4 ‘this is now a photog review blog’


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11 responses to “SIGMA 28F1.8 EX DG Macro in da house ( ゚ ▽ ゚)ノ”

  1. knightalex says :

    oo learning a tip or two about photography from u

  2. samejima says :

    Aaargh! I want to have an slr soon.. but it seems that my money won’t grow even though I am sloooowing down on my purchases. orz

    what camera are u using?

    • e-jump says :

      wanna jump to slr bandwagon? get a body only and buy a macro lens :p

      im using Sonly Alpha system, the a300..
      Theres rumors going on that by 2nd quarter this year Sony gonna release something..

      Nikon do have something up their sleeve too, so i heard

  3. e-jump says :

    LOL the reply post is getting tiny.

    Anyway, DSLR glasses is more specific for its use. You may use normal zooms for macros, wide angle for portrats etc, even it was made not-intended to but sooner or later you may want to get the specific glass for the job.

    Once you hang out with other photogs and start seeing each other gears, you may start to WANT! 😀

    I have yet to have a specific creative style in my shooting, as im more of trial-n-error kind of shooter. My current goal is to improve more on portraits. It would be a great honour if even 1 of my pic get featured in a magazine..

    • Samejima says :

      late notice but I got my very first DSLR- a Nikon D3000 w/ 18-55mm kit lens last August (2010) then bought a cheap o’ 50mm f1.8 prime lens in september.. Back then you mentioned about getting addicted with the gear, yeah.. I’m addicted in searching for new accessories & equipments. Confused whether to get a flash first before any other lenses. I do shoot in event especially on my dad’s organization, they’re cutting costs that’s why they don’t bother searching for a pro photographer, instead making me their event photographer..he’s like giving me an opportunity to improve my photography skills anyway.

      • e-jump says :

        Great to hear that.
        Since you already have a fast prime, i’d suggest go for flashgun. If you can find a great deal for SB900, go for it, or else a lower tier/less powerful ones is fine too.
        With flash, you can play with lightings 🙂

        • samejima says :

          I’d go for a Nissin Speedlite Di622 then. It’s one of the cheapest flashgun around. btw, can battery grip give additional comfort to how you hold your camera especially in portrait position?

          • e-jump says :

            Yes. Batt grip really make things easier in portrait mode as you get a 2nd shutter button for you to press. To add, it also extends your grip area in landscape mode to almost an inch. your pinky finger can grab/rest on the grip as well. But it does add weight even by itself.
            Dual batt+body+vg+70200 = glorious heavy

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