And so, www.mayn.asia has updated the Kuala Lumpur tour information as of last night. May’n’ concert will be held at KL-LIVE. Oh, KL-LIVE is actually a venue name.

So its a single type entrance ticket, going at fixed rm198 for earlybirds, and rm218 at-the-door.

Since i’m never a fan of crowded areas especially in free-standing events, im in 50-50 undecided whether this is a GO or a PASS.

Anyway dont forget to mark your calender for the 9th Feb, although it may not give any difference as its free standing event…

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4 responses to “KL-LIVE BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! updates”

  1. Junnie says :

    Free standing @______@? Oh dear, the thought of pushing & stamping each other is scaring me already OTL

    But it’s May’n! I seriously wanna goooooooooooo!

    BTW, I have not hear any promotion (whether in real life or online) for the concert…

    • e-jump says :

      Well, i dont think stomping would happen (but then again may’n’ songs are high beat pumping). but waving glowsticks and poking each other would, and probably someone fainted due to standing too long. Then again i never been to such freestanding concert.

      Regarding the promo, maybe the shopping complex ticket booth will conduct some sort of roadshow.

      I actually dont need a sofa chair there. a wooden bench would suffice just to create gap between rows for me to breath ಠ_ಠ

      • Junnie says :

        Wooden bench is good XXXD Some soft armour will be good for defense… XXXD *thinking*

        Going to the concert~~^^? I’m going! *waving my ticket XXXD*

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