i-City, Garden of Lights

Sharing some stuff that i got a couple of nights ago..

So last Saturday night, me and few friends went to i-City for some photoshooting. Being someone who dont frequent reading newspapers, i have no idea what is this i-City all about..

It seems like its an intelligent-City or some sort, during its planing stage, although i dont know whats the staus now. Basically the gardin is on a flattened hill, with few office buildings nearby, which looks like occupied by local IT companies. Enough text, enjoy the shots 🙂

And one of my fav shot

It even got featured on Sony Alpha Gallery. Felt so happy i shed manly tears 。・゚・(ノ◡◡`)・゚・。

Feel free to check others here.

I did not bring my tripod and only work with my Sigma 28F1.8 Macro. LOL macro lens for landscapes. Aint that bad for my 1st Landscape attempt 🙂

Dont ask me bout the Unlimited Electricity Works :p


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2 responses to “i-City, Garden of Lights”

  1. Christy Fox says :

    Those are such cool photos! Where is this? Have to know! Thanks for the light inspiration!

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