EVA2.0, finally it (has) advanced to Malaysian shores

This may be an old news/movie to most, but for us Malaysian EVA2.0 officially premiered today 04.03.10. LOL all you want, but at least i now has watched it.

However sad news for those around Malaysia, it will only be screened in TGV Sunway and Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure  Kuala Lumpur. Yep, only 2 outlet for the whole Malaysia. Dont ask me why…

It was a hot and full of work day until i realized i’m actually late for the screentime. Booked a ticket for 8pm show since that was the only session with good seats left. Since I already booked online through Cathay Cineplex site, at least i dont need to queue last minute and get crappy seats.

The road was jammed and i wasted almost an hour for just 15km road stretch.. OH LDP during off-office hours time =__=”  The drizzle on my windscreen actually scares me a little. Kuala Lumpur and rain are the bestest combo to give you epic traffic jam.

Glad I made it at 7pm, just barely enough time to collect my ticket, cool down from manly sweat, and enjoy~

Unfortunate for me, there was no Eva special combo on offer to go with the ticket. Unlike in Japan, they can has these. Well, its expected anyway, as anime at the cinema was never mainstream here. We never had Doraemon movies either, even its more accepted across wide range of age groups.

I’m not sure about other screening session, but during my session the hall was barely half full. This is on the 1st day screening and the hall is half full? What The …. щ(゚Д゚щ)  If the trend keep up this way, I wouldnt be surprised the show got dropped within a month  ( ̄■ ̄;)

I never discuss about anime on this blog, so i’ll just refrain myself. But all I can say is that you dont really need to remember the anime storyline to enjoy EVA2.0, as this is more of an alternate universe Evangelion.

Oh, while the angels and girls are badass, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SEATS until Misato says “sabisu SABISUUU” 😉


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One response to “EVA2.0, finally it (has) advanced to Malaysian shores”

  1. Adan Quaker says :

    1 more thing I would like to add. I’ve been reading various bloggers lately expressing their slumping enthusiasm for anime, and complaining about this season’s lack of good shows. For me, naught could be further from the trueness. For me, this season is 1 of the best of all time. I think anime is becoming greater than ever, and we are in the heart of a proper golden age, despite the industry’s fiscal sufferings.

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