Phottix GETs!!

So actually these arrived earlier than my day. I’d say earlybird GIFT to self 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 Delivery package looks slight unreliable, but luckily nothing got damaged.

Phottix Titan is just a 3rd-party replacement battery for my camera. Since this may not be my primary powersource, a 3rd party would be suffice as backup. Since Phottix battery did receive decent reviews, so I guess its pretty much safe for my a300.

Phottix Nikos on the other hand is a shutter remote trigger. Basically its a device where you can trigger your shutter button by not touching you camera body. This is useful when you intend to take long exposure shot and want to avoid camera shake/vibration at best.

There are varieties of shutter trigger available in the market, ranges from basic shutter control wired trigger all the way to LiveView Wireless trigger. Nikos is a wired trigger, but unlike others regular wired trigger, it has a programmable timer. It looks very useful as it overrides your generic 10sec timer, programmable continuous shutter at fixed interval, and it can even time-control your BULB mode all the way to 99hrs exposure. OH LOL.

I wonder my battery can even last a 12hrs long exposure. Cant wait to test this out on my next outing 🙂


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