OtaCool2: Congratulations, I’ve made it

A friend of mine informed me that I’ve made it to the OtaCool2 rear cover.

AHAHA. Of course I didnt cosplay, but a picture i took did ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ Happy tears were shed. Best gift I’ve had, considering im just a beginner in photography.

Congratulations should go to Felicia as well, to make the cut for the cover 🙂

Congrats to 2 other fellow Malaysian cosplayer who made it to the cover, which are Annie (alAzif on the cover, Yui below) and the maid girl which I have never met before/cant recall her name.


Otacool cover link fixed


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12 responses to “OtaCool2: Congratulations, I’ve made it”

  1. samejima says :

    Congrats on your shots. That Luca looks really sweet! and Yui as well.

    • e-jump says :


      Sorry that the otacool2 cover link were broken.. Fixed that. Yui pics didnt make it.
      Still yet to know whats the content to be like

  2. ultimaweaponx says :

    wow, congratz ejump! GJ!!

  3. B says :

    Think you can aim higher? Even for a beginner, that’s amazing!

  4. e-jump says :

    thanks uW and B..
    i still have a long way to go as i still suffer from inconsistencies ;__;

  5. Hangmen says :

    You can always put on casual outfit and wear a red mask like Astro Fighter Sunred. I’m surprised none has ever tried such an easy cosplay.

  6. Cho_Hakkai says :

    Congrats, ejump!

    Btw, the maid cosplayer name is Sakana Sashimi.

  7. Cat Tree says :

    Think you can aim higher? Even for a beginner, that’s amazing!

  8. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen: OH U

    @Cho: Thanks.
    yeah, thats her. Although some does not agree of her selection.
    But what gives, the book needs to sell ¯\(º_o)/¯

    @Cat3: Thanks.
    I aim to be better than my 2009 self 🙂

  9. gameshark03 says :

    Gonna get ur signature one day when i go back! After i get my copy of Otacool2. BTW, i wanna link exchange with u =) crimotaku.wordpress.com (also a DC/FigureFM reader)

  10. zh3us says :

    Grats on cover!! Pic taken musta been nice!

  11. kaika says :

    Congrats on having your photograph in ^_^

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