GACC’2010 This Way >>

The word going around that GACC’10 will be the last event of its short lifetime series, but…... the hoo haa now would be about the venue if you were an attendee of Day1

GACC has been going around since 2007 at the same venue of Multimedia University Melaka Campus at the same hall. I only started attending the 2008 onwards. Handled by the EMINA club, the small Examination hall has always been forgiving by the attendees as the was never an entrance fee charged, It was a purely organized by fan, for fans, and to be enjoyed by everyone.

However GACC’10 encountered an unexpected and unavoidable circumstances. Not sure how it got messed up, but they lost the Examination hall for Day1 as it was used for University Open-day. I wasnt expecting this until i saw the banner that shows “>>” way instead of “<<” way. They updated the info last minute.

The ‘hall’ as I was told was actually few merged classrooms. It was so friggin small and best of all, only 1 out of 3 airconditioning system was working.

Regardless, everyone still enjoying the event and activities, where in the morning the indoor seems lively with live band performances.

I didnt try to snug myself into the hall when it was packed. So didnt manage to actually check out what was being offered by the booth participants, and the gaming corner.

Merchandise corner

More merchandise, and VGL ticket booth.

Doujin booths and the performance stage.

More merchandise and board/table games.

And console games corner.

I spent most of my time outdoors snapping cosplayers. But at the end of the day I left for home early and decided to skip Day2 as i was disappointed with my cosplay shot results. It has nothing to do that the venue being FAIL.

Day2 was to be held at the originally planned Examination hall. Day1 was just not as planned.

Oh, and for GACC’10 to be the last of its series, i dont believe anything Edo says.


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