GACC’10 Cosplay Gallery ヽ( ゚ヮ゚ )ノ

Now its time for GACC’10 cosplay pictures ヽ( ゚ヮ゚ )ノ

I might look like a weirdo during the event as not only I use macro prime lens with goddamn big 77mm front element, I was strobing (wireless flash technique) in the middle of hot sunny afternoon, and i keep going so close to the coser’s face freaking them out (hell yeah macro).

My Sigma has the capabilities to go F1.8, but most of my shoot were done above F2. It was challenging when you use full manual (except auto WB) to get the lightings right.

As for the wireless flash, im testing/applying an off-shoe lighting(strobing) that i recently learned and tested on my figurines. This was the 2nd time I used on coser, as the 1st attempt was massive fail.

Its a given that my Sony a300 can trigger my external F58 flash by using the popup flash. I recommend users with a550 and below should pick up/try this technique, and also to those who have flash extension cord/radio triggers.  I use this as fill flash and just play around with flash power 1/8,1/16 and 1/32.

While you can always flash bounce if theres ceiling or wall nearby, strobing offers you the flexibility of where you want to place your additional lighting.

The good of strobing is that when you take closeup portrait, your fill flash can be placed away from directly subject’s face so it will not be obvious on the retina (in HSS mode). You can capture a great detail of the contact-lens.

But you definitely need a pair of strong hands where one hand holding the goddamn heavy dslr and another for the flash. Good exercise, healthy hobby LOL.

Well, you can always mount your flash on a tripod. *I totally forgot about my tripod as I left it in the car щ(゚Д゚щ)

OK. Enough talk like a pro-wannabe, ENJOY.

And last but not least, awesome Beato

However at the end of the day i’ve decided to just go home and skip Day2. I was so disappointed by my framing composition. While the above pictures may looks crispy sharp and good, but its …. like your normal PointandShoot shots, lacks creativity 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

As usual, more pics on my flickr.

I need to practice more, as my next stop would be CureFes2, Yokohama.

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8 responses to “GACC’10 Cosplay Gallery ヽ( ゚ヮ゚ )ノ”

  1. linkinstreet says :

    Pics of Kipi/Arisa/Saku/Saya from CureFes2 after this plox

  2. Shockerz says :

    I can only see a handful of cosplayers that I could consider at the OK level but others.. *speechless*

    DSLR are bulky and heavy, why don’t you get a light prosumer camera instead?

    • e-jump says :

      well, dSLR offers the ability for me to choose what glass i want to use. And by glass, i have total control on shutter and aperture, not to forget flash program control, which is never offered on a prosumer/compacts 😉

  3. Nicholas says :

    Wow so kewl, we have “Armageddon” here
    astrobunny focus on snapping cosplayers!

    At least Malaysian cosplayers in GACC have covered new animes like umineko, k-on, toradora unlike here in NZ, all they know is Bleach and Naruto -_- but we are lucky to see some touhou japanese cosplayers this year

  4. samejima says :

    That Ranka is cute, so as Yui & Taiga.. 😀

  5. andre says :

    nice blog to read


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