Eve… and PosLaju never fail to stay FAIL

PosLaju never failed to amuse me. I wonder which part of the FRAGILE sticker they dont understand (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Anyway, this was my 1st shipment from amiami.jp . Also my 1st PVC of the year, and also almost a year gap since my last pvc. Yeah, its like asking for trouble when I opter for SAL delivery. But then again I doubt EMS will be any better if its handled by PosLaju. My parcel arrived in less than 10 working days after Zecty available on shelf (I preordered her).

Her box dented ;__;

So here’s my Shining girls lineup. Yeah, I did missed a few character. I should be quitting figurines, but for what ever reason Xecty Eve was too tempting to resist. Hey, at least I manage to not get Xecty Military uniform ver. >_<


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8 responses to “Eve… and PosLaju never fail to stay FAIL”

  1. Crimotaku says :

    Wow hope ur figure was safe! Another poor PVC victim subjected to poslaju brutality >.<

  2. TheFuzzy says :

    Box dent looks bad, man, but at least the girl is safe. And only recently I opted for SAL delivery for the ★Rock Cannon charm because I thought it’ll go smoothly.


  3. e-jump says :

    Kind of sad.. ;__;
    I’ll quit for good this time >_<

  4. zh3us says :

    oh my god. Darned post in Malaysia.

  5. Joanne says :

    Typical Pos Malaysia service. There’s even a section on Wikipedia noting their failure. And and and last time I used PosLaju they told me my parcel was sent to someone else. D8

    (Random passer-by btw ;D)

  6. Persocom says :

    nice get, too bad the box got beat to hell. I really like Xecty’s outfit.

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