C2AGE’10, and cosplay

Cosplay, Comic, Anime and Games exhibition a.k.a C2AGE, was held on last Saturday afternoon at Tropicana City Mall Petaling Jaya. Yes, back to back with Bon-Odori. C2AGE is a smaller scale event held annually.

Unfortunately I didnt went there early enough nor stay there long enough to get lots of photos and coverage what was on, as I was committed to complete all my CosFest shots.

They had cosplay competition, game tourneys (from TCG to xbox), staged performances, goods and merchandise booths, and even charity booth.

Ohoho, they also had gigantic version of your olde board/table games.

They had the cosplay battle chess, but i missed that. Oh well, has some cosplay shots instead.





Gundam 00


It was worthwhile to attend and meeting some friends. I didnt stay long as I had to make way for Bon-Odori.

A little more photos here.

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One response to “C2AGE’10, and cosplay”

  1. bleach cosplay says :

    woao It is a nice cosplay day.. :3

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