NIPS Crazy Challange… Cosplay?

Not sure which part of cosplay looks/sounds/emitting crazy aura, while on the side note most agrees that it does gives some challenge into preparing the costume. Oh nvm, not commenting on that one..

munch munch munch…

Well, that’s what the event was called as it were aired on TV3 ads. Was held at eCurve last Saturday, the main sponsors of this was NIPS with TV broadcaster TV3 under the Remaja(youth) programme. Since I dont really watch the TV, i’ll refrain myself from writing about the TV programme and what it was all about.

I’m not sure how the chronology of the competition went, but I do know that the competition was open to all malaysian and  anyone can submit their cosplay photos, and the finalist get the invitation for final showdown audition (which includes the stage performance). Winner gets a Japan trip to Animelo.

I wasnt aware of this event until the moring of the event when someone brought it up on IRC. I didnt arrive early nor do i stay till they announced the results as I was disappointed for forgetting my flash batteries. Under low light im using the biggest aperture and lowest ISO possible. There were a lot of cosplayers, but they werent under a good lighting condition for me to shoot.

Some actions

..and dance.

Band performance during the break.

bonk~☆ .. ouch~

Overall the competition these days has solidly added the elements of talent in performance into the criteria for some srs bsnz that even TV broadcaster are acknowledging this (they even use ‘audition’ term). IMO the lads who participates to brush up their talents sure have some future in media/entertainment industry 😉

Btw, more pics here.

*p/s: for some reason, i’m getting high hits for SakanaSashimi Miku shots lol .. (;゚ Д゚)ℳℴℯ❤

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