World Tour Project Diva Concert Online Petition, Let Miku and others to your country!

Following the famous concert on 9th March, a group of people on YouTube are raising petition to Sega to held a world tour of the concert.
After getting 10.000 votes in form of comment, we’re going to submit the votes to Sega.

If this succeeds, Miku and friends are going to sing and dance in many countries! Support by posting a comment in the first blog post:

For more (less) information visit:…iku-world-tour/

To vote, go to and post a comment there.

Come and cast a vote for your country and spread the love.
*Theres rumors that we may need up to 100k.


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17 responses to “World Tour Project Diva Concert Online Petition, Let Miku and others to your country!”

  1. ultimaweaponx says :

    holy shit, if the rumor is true… then Malaysia is hopeless wwww

    voted anyway

  2. Solaria says :

    Please Vocaloid come to Holland (The Netherlands)

    I am the first known Hikkikomori in holland and i will come out just for you!!! I will be there from the first to the last second =3 And please put some extra Len in to your program >////<

  3. Akira says :

    I can’t go to the last concert in SF but I still want Vocaloid to come back to San Francisco again please

  4. geochelone says :

    it’ll more hopeless on indonesia i think.
    hope i could go to the next concert

  5. Kristie says :

    Hi Vocaloid, I’m a HUGE fan and i would love you to come to Australia in Adelaide. I have told my friends and family about yous now some are fans so i know it will come more popular! I love you soo much and it’s my dream for you to be able to come to Japan, but my mum and dad do not have much money because they dont work. It would make it soo much easier if you came here!!! there is not much chance but still my prayers go out! Please come! ❤

  6. Kristie says :

    and by the way i ment me to go to Japan, haha my English is HORRIBLE!

  7. Voratat says :

    Come to Thailand Bangkok. You also got alot of fans there want to see u

  8. Becky says :

    VOCALOID IS THE REASION ME AND MY BEST FRIENDS MET! COME TO ENGLAND NOW!!! cos we dont have the money to come to japan 😦

  9. eddie says :

    com to puerto rico plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JESUS says :

    come to FORT WORTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. angel says :

    Come to the US we love vocaloids!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Stefani says :

    Im from Indonesia and Im the big fan of Vocaloid. I swear that I will laugh in peace if Vocaloid comes here. Arigatou gozaimasu 😀

  13. Anina says :

    ANY WHERE!! I live in Canada, but I’d buy plane tickets to America in 3 seconds flat TwT

  14. Giro Neil says :

    tell it sooner…i’ll buy a ticket each and every country. from philippines…

  15. Blacky says :

    Kom alsjeblieft naar holland

  16. fantasthio says :

    please come to the netherlands..

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