Impulse buy.. Σ(゚Д゚ ) .. FullFrame

Oh god… An impulse buy where ‘buy first, think later’ syndrome kicked in. Σ(゚Д゚ )

I was browsing around the DSLR garage sale section on a forum and encountered an underutilized body going at a good bargain. Took me 4 days thinking about it and last night finally made the decision to grab it.

Some may go ‘HAHA LOL SONY’ especially on the current market where Canon 5Dmk2 and Nikon D700 recently had price cuts, and rumors going that Sony might drop their FF range. But since I already had fullframe lens (Sigma 28F1.8 & Zeiss 85F1.4) and may have hard time selling em, I grabbed an A850 instead.

A850 might be outdated when comparing to the likes of 5Dmk2, but at an attractive offer for a used unit aint that bad. Now I hope Sony at least care to give a Firmware update to improve the ISO performance.

Having 2 bodies will give me less the need to switch lenses, the redundancy of camera so I can send one to service center when needed while still have another for shooting, and stronger neck and backbone LOL.

a850 + Zeiss 85F1.4 + F58 = IMBA.. Not really because i’m missing the battery grip..

Bye bye Japan or Korea trip 。・゚・(ノ◡◡`)・゚・。

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2 responses to “Impulse buy.. Σ(゚Д゚ ) .. FullFrame”

  1. linkinstreet says :

    Sassuga! щ(゚Д゚щ)(屮゚Д゚)屮

  2. Hitoribocchi says :

    Not really. The Sony alpha line has their own niches. I don’t think they should be competing for the Canikons; instead they should be marketing their cameras at serious amateurs, and the affordability of the a850 is more than enough justification to make that purchase.

    Also, fullframe. 85mm f/1.4. Shallow depth of field. Enjoy your übergear.

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