Ryomou Shimei Cosplay

Sharing some photos of Ryomou Shimei cosplay by akiko.wolf that i shot last weekend.  It was also my 1st test with my new  a850 combo with 85F1.4ZA-Plannar*T.

More pics over > here

The output did not turned out as what i expected. Obviously I still have a loooooooong way to go to master this FF (´~`) Thanks to akiko.wolf for this photo-session opportunity.


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7 responses to “Ryomou Shimei Cosplay”

  1. Naru-V-01 says :

    WoW!!! Awesome pics!!!

    And the cosplayer did a good job on that cosplay ^-^

  2. Naru-V-01 says :

    Well ‘^^…. you’re the expert there xP I enjoy looking at your work OwO

  3. Naru-V-01 says :

    I’ve already checked out all of your pics~~~ ;D

  4. Blowfish says :

    Hmmm…I especially like the one where shes looking through the glass doors (?) showing her reflection in those.Was this a private session or thoughout some sort of event?

    • e-jump says :

      Gee.. Thanks for liking some of the shots.
      This was actually throughout an event, where me and few other photog got here to some secluded area for a shoot.
      Eventually we got chased out by the person who’s in-charge of the area LOL

      I’m now sacrificing to shoot lots of cosplayers for shooting a certain cosplayer w/ spent some time for better shots 😉

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