VOCALOID Gakupo & Luka cosplay

Sharing some of my cosplay shots which i took yesterday. It’s my 2nd cosplay shoot outing with my a850. Nice Vocaloid pair, but unfortunately my composition sucks. Nevertheless the color came out this time is better than my Ryomou shoot 🙂

The mood is there, but my angle and composition fails.

Its rare for me to shoot guys, bu he’s pretty i just turned gay LOL.
*i hope no one took it srsly

As usual, more pics here. Unfortunately I dont know who they are(Cure profile etc). Pic comments and critics are welcome.


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8 responses to “VOCALOID Gakupo & Luka cosplay”

  1. Naru-V-01 says :

    This time, I agree with you, the composition wasn’t the best and the cosplays are well done~!

    You know, yesterday I went to an event and there was a couple cosplaying this two characters, but with different outfits ^-^

    • e-jump says :

      Thanks for the feedback.
      While i got the colors/exposure right, im getting cropping here and there..
      Its an area i need to work and practice more, and AELock.

      Looking fwd to your shots as well if you have any 🙂

  2. Naru-V-01 says :

    Well… I didn’t take shots u.u … ’cause I was cosplaying xDDD

    I uploaded some shots of my team… They are not good and I don’t like how I look on them T-T But you should look at them anyways ^-^

    They are in my flickr~ Search for me as “Naru-V-01” ^-^

  3. sue says :

    Hi…I’m the Luka cosplayer.
    I don’t think you know but I did sheryl during GAMP also.

    was wondering if I could get the Hi-reso files from you…??

  4. Hangmen says :

    Can’t believe I stick around OPERATING until 1715 hours.

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