Spider Solitaire Hardmode 4suits WIN (ლ╹◡╹)ლ

So I was bored today, on the eve of independence day here in Malaysia and played Spider Solitaire Hardmode 4suites to kill time.

I was debugging some stuff at work few days ago at work and while waiting for the result output, a friend of mine suggest trying hard mode. Took me few days and finally I won. Goddamn it was hard. 1 suite and 2suits was easy as pie, but not 4suites

Sure a waste of time LOL..


MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!! (independence!!)

But damn, no fireworks… time to sleep..


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One response to “Spider Solitaire Hardmode 4suits WIN (ლ╹◡╹)ლ”

  1. Naru-V-01 says :

    The other day I tried to play it… but I lost and I got really confused >.<

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