How did I GateCrash? CRASH HARD

With the excitement to be early bird, I prepared myself since 8.30am. By 9am, the GateCrash start giving blank page for a while, maybe theyre enabling the buy option. Lo and behold. by 9.05am the server lag so badly that it began to crash for real.

I got my 1st seat Combo at row C/D 22/26 (no printscreen). It took minutest to get to the payment page, and I got greeted by mysql error when using paypal. Transaction failed, timed out, seat has gone.

2nd to 4th try, still the same. 2ns try still able to get Row C/D, but by 3rd and 4th it has gone to row I. What the FFFFFFFF…

On my 5th attemptat 10.15am , I got row A and B, but now the seating is so bad that I doubt i can see anything. This time I opted to use CC instead and lucky me it finally went through. Almost ended dreamy but unfortunately my ticket didnt show up in my transaction history list. Email has been sent to GateCrash and I hope I get a good explanation bout this. (The facebook was updated that the Database will get updated by noon. Hopefully so)

Overall this is the worst online shopping experience I ever had. I believe AFA-Anisong and GateCrash never expect the high zerg rush traffic of fans. Thinking last year Sistic was bad, this year GateCrash is worse. Like the name imply, GateCrash sure is crashing. And whats more, so much for ‘auto allocate best seat’. Yeah right

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4 responses to “How did I GateCrash? CRASH HARD”

  1. e-jump says :

    Kind of disappointed until just now i checked my order, i was granted my 1st choice of paired ticked, row C/D middle.
    Hell yeah..
    its miles better than row B 4x

  2. Quazacolt says :

    well, i got A/E middle, but i want A for angela/Scandal, not jamproject/aniki. D:

  3. Akiko says :

    i was still sleeping at that 9am. haha~ but managed to buy a seat on row6 by 6pm.

  4. e-jump says :

    Lo and behold guys, the seats in transac page, has disappeared.
    Theyre changing em again.


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