Animangaki’10 Cosplays

Like my previous 2 attended event (GAMP and TAF), im still not performing like what i shot in Japan. If this keeps up, my upcoming AFA might turn horrible as well.

Animangaki’10 was held at Sunway Uni last Sunday. The hall was up on the 4th floor and i didnt expect this event to be such a crowd puller. Lo and behold, the committee was expecting 800 attendee at max, but the turnout was exceeding 1.4k humans. Hall was crowded as heck…

Theres doujin and merchandise booths, food stalls and… more stalls in the hall. I didnt snap pics of specific activity rooms outside the hall, but they had lotsa stuff ranging from gaming room, goldfish scooping arts display etc.

Yeah yeah.. Lets cut the chase and go to cosplays

Sorry to dissapoint, i didnt snap a lot because 1) i arrived late and 2) i are suck.

I havent completed uploading all, so all are invited to check my album once in a while for updates -> flickr

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4 responses to “Animangaki’10 Cosplays”

  1. ShinKaiZen says :

    Yay! Nice blog. I think you are the 8th blogger (?) to be included in our website later on…~ fuu….

  2. Hangmen says :

    What time did you arrive? I was on foot patrol for 7 hours.

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