Wrapping up for good?

Its gonna be 2011 in 1hrs time. 2010 really shows the signs on this blog slowly dying. I cant seem to spend time what to post up here, and my journey in photography didnt go as i planned. Maybe i need some time off and cool down.2010 saw me took a gamble in my photography journey. I went all the way to Japan to attend CureFes2 and CosplayFesta in Japan, upgrade my gears and i burnt like USD5k for everything. However I feel im progressing somewhat slow. But thanks to a photo that appeared in Otacool2, my journey wasnt that bad at all.

If i need to choose my best 5 (different occasions) shots of 2010 and sort in chronology, this is how it go

1. January *appeared on Otacool2

2. April, Japan

3.  July

4. Oct

5. December
*yep, im somewhat plagued by inconsistency 😦

My personal life didnt change much, aside from a total appearance change. Oh, i recently sold my soul by registering on facebook. I finally lost to the temptation after a hardfought 3yrs in resisting the temptations.

I somewhat doing okay in my career, as my responsibilities grow bigger exponentially. I now have new subordinates, but that doesnt mean i have more free time. With more workload piling up, my blog life been sacrificed. Oh well, not a big deal as i dont have subscribers anyway.

To sum up my 2010, im still far from my goals in life. Forever arone.

I’ll give 2011 another try before decide to wrap up this blog for good.



7 responses to “Wrapping up for good?”

  1. xAoiSora says :

    “Oh well, not a big deal as i dont have subscribers anyway.”
    Hi, I’m one! Just wanted to let you know that I’m a random person who follows your blog and I do enjoy seeing the awesome photos you take. Happy new year! 🙂

  2. knightalex says :

    I am a subscriber!! hopefully you would not give up on blogging~

    will be rooting for u

  3. e-jump says :

    Gee.. thanks guys for the moral support 。・゚・(ノ◡◡`)・゚・。
    Happy new yr to my subscribers

  4. Yukito says :

    *am a silent stalker* maybe you remember who I am 😉 and the 2nd shot is just WOW

    • e-jump says :

      Cant recall which Yukito. Len Yukito? I’m getting old =__=

      Yes, my Japan shots/works has became my benchmark to my future works, and it seems i’ve been struggling to get to that form ever since 😦
      I hope 2011 will be the year i can redo that kind of shots consistently.

  5. B says :

    Happy new year!
    I still follow your blog and flickr…just don’t have much time to reply much.
    I read your message a couple of months ago, yet I couldn’t get the chance to reply it…

    Anyways, I’ll still be lurking around here for a while, or on facebook, either one.

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