35th Bon Odori, Shah Alam

So it has been months since i last post some text on this blog. Sorry as I no longer have the ability to write a good post. Putting that aside, I’m sharing some of the experience for this year O-Bon.

The 35th Bon Odori was held last Saturday in Malaysia at 2 saparate location, in Penang and Selangor. Like the previous years, I attended the Shah Alam Selangor at the Panasonic/Matsushita stadium. This year scrowd in my view seemed a little less crowded compared to last year. In the very same evening, there was a friendly football match of Liverpool against Malaysian National side so I’m assuming 10% of last year’s crowd went to the stadium instead. Then again, the numbers should exceed 10k at least

Having bad experience in last year’s traffic jam, I decided to arrive early at 6pm. Traffic was smooth and the crowd was building in size even just past 6pm. As usual, when the odori hast starte, ppl would flock the matsuri area for the foods. I cant stand the crowded area so I just grabbed whatever I can grab fast and move to a less-crowded area. I did attempt to get the ice blended baverage, but queuing for 30mins just to see myself not even making halfway in the line from where I started, “THIS BETTER BE A JOKE?!” so i left.

The Odori started at 7pm, and devided to 3 sessions with break interval so the performers can rest. The even started with opening speech, and also some gratitude given to the locals in helping with the Japan-Tsunami fund raising aids. Then followed by the dance performance where I can humm the songs, but Tokyo Ondo is the only song name that i remembers =__=;

It was an entertaining event altho I suck at dancing lol. Decided to give a try for some photoshots with just using the stadium lighting. Not bad although a reflector maimprove em the better.Lots of visaitors wearing nice colorful Yukata and Jinbei. I myself wore a Jinbei this year as I find my Yukata is somehow too fancy >__< However there are some folks who wore JRock/VK outfit which doesnt seem appropriate for the event.

Oh well, at least I didnt get a tap in the shoulders by Chris Hansen and ask me to sit over ‘there’.

See you again next year

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