About e-jump

e-jumpe-jump is a malaysian who used to always attend anime cons and  taking picture of cosplayers. He used to been enjoying doing this since circa 2005 . e-jump is a normalfag that doesnt have a stood-out appearance and can easily blend into surroundings. …. ಠ_ಠ

e-jump also used to collect figurines but now he’ no longer does due to circumstances… щ(゚Д゚щ)

Recently e-jump has developed some passion and interest for traveling, some attending overseas events but now more on scenery and travel photography. e-jump wish is to snap awesome and memorable moments and scenery  and share to everyone. e-jump is looking forward to comments and critiques to his pictures so he can improve


About this blog
This blog is about e-jump sharing on his photography of travel, cosplays, figurines, anime-manga-game convention.

Exchange links?
Sure, e-jump would be glad too if you are interested/would like to have blog link exchange. Just drop e-jump a msg or an email.
E-jump used to have banners/buttons, but.. but.. those were the days. .

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