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Tomoe Mami 3DCG


3DCG by Kanzeon

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Mari megaNEKO MEGANEko ( ゚◡◡゚)

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Happy Chinese New Year, ft. Hisashiko’s artworks

Wishing fellow Chinese blog comrades and readers a Happy Chinese New Year. In Malaysian calendar, its officially falls on  26th January. Chinese Lunar calendar, as Muslim Calendar, do not follow the Gregorian calendar. The way a month calculated based on the moon phase.

In Chinese year of calendar, this year is the year of Ox. They have 12 year rotation based on animals, where you can find more on it via google.

Anyway, has some cowgirls.

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momocan egoism artworks


Im pretty sure some of you who frequents image boards have seen cute artwork with the logo and number as above, and wonder whose fanart is it?

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