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Colorful Hida-no Seto

Glowing Hida-no Seto, originally uploaded by e-jump.

This actually is a preserved old village in Hida. The frozen field is actually a frozen pond. During winter, the attraction is the colored lights.
Hida-Takayama,Gifu, Feb2012

Night is coming

Night is coming, originally uploaded by e-jump.

As night comes, street light switched on and lit up the reads by the river.
Takayama Gifu, Feb2012

Galaxy Express 999

Galaxy Express 999, originally uploaded by e-jump.

Out of my way, im off to the galaxy.
They had custom decorated cars to Toshimaen, and this is one of em.
Ikebukuro, Feb 2012

Passing by

Passing by, originally uploaded by e-jump.

This is the Hikari N700 Shinkansen i believe, passing thru at 200KMh+ at Kodama Station HigashiHiroshima. Theres a few station in Kansai/Chubu where the Nozomi and Hikari passing through at top speed.