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31st Aug – Happy Miku day

Miku fell down~

Hey. Its still 31st somewhere on the globe. It’s Hatsune Miku birthday.

While in Japan, fans has gone to a lenght to crowdfun a ‘shrine’ dedicated for Miku (source via Kotaku), everywhere else seems to at least having a themed Vocaloid events.

Oh, and speaking of events, theres probably one coming to Malaysia this 16th December too. Do check out this MikuExpo in MY fb page for updates.

p/s: Happy Independence Day Malaysia🎆.
/1st post after 5years 🤣


Okonomiyaki, originally uploaded by e-jump.

One of few foods you must try once in Kansai.
Nara, Feb2012

meow moe

meow moe, originally uploaded by e-jump.

my kitten

Being Cute

Being Cute, originally uploaded by e-jump.

Yep, yesterday was CATurday
more in my cats album