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34th Bon-Odori, Shah Alam. (and photos)

Hi folks ( ゚ ▽ ゚)ノ  This will be my 1st comprehensive post after many moons. I have so much of backlogged posting that needs to be done. Nevertheless, lets start with 34th Bon Odori that was held at Matsushita Sports Complex in Shah Alam last Saturday.

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AFA’09: JoySound Afreko Experience

1st of all, I do not know what Afreko word stands for. Anyhow it has something to do with the live dubbing and karaoke booth machine outside by JoySound . Since it was stated/listed in the schedule between Kaname★ and K-On session, I decided to stay at the stage area.

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Its unusual for me to attend big event quite late into the day. But last Saturday, I only arrived at GACC’09 in Melacca at around 3pm. I had some stuff going on the the morning, and thinking I can save some monies by having lunch at home. The drive journey took around 1.5hrs including a stop, I was speeding at some point =__=”

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Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

So today the 27th Jun, EVA 2.0 is premiering in Japan. No, im not in Japan and I’m only getting responses/replies on /a/ since 7am (that would be Japan 8am time). Not sure if you want spoilers, but review is already up at

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