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Review: TH2 Tamaki Maid Ver.

And now its my 2nd ToHeart 2 maid installment, Tamaki Kousaka~

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Review: TH2 Konomi Maid Ver.

Its been months of delays for me to post up my Konomi maid review. So in this review, it will be imagedumps and some simple comments.

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Review: GSC Maid Trio pt3, Saber

And finally, bringing up a GSC Saber Maid ver. review. Its been some time since Rin Maid. Thanks to my short term memory lost.

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Review: GSC Maid Trio pt2, Tohsaka Rin

Maid Rin

Few days ago I had a simple review on Rider in Maid pt 1. Well, since I brought both my older figures Rin and Saber out for some joint-base photoshoot with Rider, why not some review an them both too. So this post will be dedicated for Rin.

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