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Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

So today the 27th Jun, EVA 2.0 is premiering in Japan. No, im not in Japan and I’m only getting responses/replies on /a/ since 7am (that would be Japan 8am time). Not sure if you want spoilers, but review is already up at http://www.otaku2.com.

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When you see it, you can’t UNSEE

Be warned. When you see it, you probably cannot UNSEE (;゚ Д゚)

Anyway just a random half-assed post of the month after been on hiatus for some time
. I guess I have lost my motivation to post regularly after got beaten up with heavy workload. It was fun while my motivation lasted, with contents to post about.

My next post might be mid next month Daicon’09, or maybe not. Well, you can always visit my flickr gallery as i do update some pictures there.

Thanks for all the fun.

Schoolgirl Moms? Oh Japan

I Wore My Daughter’s Uniform Contest….

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Pun-Colle ~voice actresses’ legendary punk songs collection?

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