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ComicFiesta’09 Cosplay Gallery UP

Sup all. Just to update that the Comic Fiesta Cosplay Gallery has been ‘almost’ fully uploaded. Feel free to drop some comments/critics on the picture, and also add proper tags to them 🙂

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ComicFiesta’09 Day1 Cosplay Teaser

Yesterday(Saturday) was the Day1 of Comic Fiesta’09. As the name suggest, its a comic festival held in Malaysia for local and neighboring country fan-circles to participate and market their stuff. Its similar to Comiket and totally different to AFA.

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CF’09 Highlights – Industry Seminar

Following on the success of the Portfolio Review Pavilion on CF’08, Comic Fiesta 2009 is proud to present a new event for the year: Comic Fiesta Industry Seminar! It will be half-day long (on Day 2) and will have speakers from the creative industry taking the stage to share their views and experiences.

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