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momocan egoism artworks


Im pretty sure some of you who frequents image boards have seen cute artwork with the logo and number as above, and wonder whose fanart is it?

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NtyPE Artworks



This month I will be featuring NtyPE artworks. I believe he’s quite famous with his fanarts and doujins.

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Ryu’s Form artworks


For this post feature artist, I shall bring you Ryu’s Form artworks. *hawt Asuka is hawt*

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Ishikei as He is My Master’s new artist?

Came across a thread on 4chan /a/ about HiMM mangaka Husband/Wife couple splitting up. Turns out their relationship has been sour for some time already. Read more on CannedDogs and ANN.

But the highlight part is, Mattsuu, the manga writer, said that he would be interested in working with a doujinshi artist named Ishikei.

Ishikei? ISHIKEI? Yes, Ishikei as known with NiseMidiDoronokai works. Not really a fan of HiMM, but Ishikei’s works are relevant to my interest.

There has been some debate that this would mean no more H-rated arts by Ishikei is he turns to draw officially. How about Mattsuu and Ishikei comes up with HiMM H-rated manga with plot? LOL