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Fake/Stay Night…. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Was busy doing some major wardrobe cleaning today as its been some time since i once did it. *I seems to have a bad habit of keeping all the boxes/packages of items i bought, and they eat valuable free space .

Anyway, while doing that I encountered one of my long lost (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAGE!!! As the box indicates, it supposed to be a Good Smile Company Fate/Stay Night trading figure set.

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Skirtless? on my Saber Holiday ver.?

I’ve been having my GoodSmile Company 1/6 Saber Holiday ver. for almost 1.5yrs now, and so far she seems good, healthy and not leaning as of yet.

However, just until yesterday someone (Aori) visited my flickr gallery and asked ‘Did you know that…..

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Review: GSC Maid Trio pt3, Saber

And finally, bringing up a GSC Saber Maid ver. review. Its been some time since Rin Maid. Thanks to my short term memory lost.

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Review: GSC Maid Trio pt2, Tohsaka Rin

Maid Rin

Few days ago I had a simple review on Rider in Maid pt 1. Well, since I brought both my older figures Rin and Saber out for some joint-base photoshoot with Rider, why not some review an them both too. So this post will be dedicated for Rin.

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