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GACC’2010 This Way >>

The word going around that GACC’10 will be the last event of its short lifetime series, but…. Read More…


Its unusual for me to attend big event quite late into the day. But last Saturday, I only arrived at GACC’09 in Melacca at around 3pm. I had some stuff going on the the morning, and thinking I can save some monies by having lunch at home. The drive journey took around 1.5hrs including a stop, I was speeding at some point =__=”

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Back from GACC’09

Sup gais.

Another poste after a month HIATUS. I’m still alive, and just got back from GACC’09 Melaka last night. I will need to upload my pics fast before I lost my momentum.

In the mean time, shake your head to What is Love clip, GACC’09 version 🙂