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Sharing my Japan 2012 Winter Itinerary

Suddenly I feel like want to share my previous Japan winter trip itinerary that i did back in February this year, just in case someone is interested to use it as reference for their upcoming trip. Read More…

Kinkaku-ji in the rain

Kinkakuji in the rain, originally uploaded by e-jump.

Temple of the Golden Pavilion.
Was so sad w/ my luck here.
Not only bad weather of rain but also no snow. Maybe next time
Kyoto, Feb2012

Street to Kiyomizudera

Street to Kiyomizudera, originally uploaded by e-jump.

After sunset, in the rain and cold.
I hope the next time I visit Kyoto its not raining.
Kyoto, Feb2012


Rain, originally uploaded by e-jump.

At the Nijo Castle park. I had bad luck in Kyoto as all the days i visit there, it rained.
Kyoto, Feb 2012