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Kotobukiya Elwing of Shining Wind

Haih, its been few days since I last responded on my blog. And my body has start to take its toll from overworking. At bad economy recession like this, too much multitasking can really kill you softly inside ┐(-。ー;)┌

Anyway, I’m bringing you a short review on my half year old Elwing of Shining Wind since she’s currently available on a rerun.

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Kotobukiya Kureha, early DSLR treatment

Going through my backlog, oh darn i have a lot of figure photos to share and some simple reviews to do. So I guess I’ll be starting with my cute little Kureha by Kotobukiya.

Back to middle of last year, it was a heat battle of Kureha between Max Factory and Kotobukiya. Obviously everyone favors for Max Fac due to better face or so I heard. However Kotobukiya didnt disappoint me.

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PlayAsia Kotobukiya preorder updates

F5F5F5F5….F5….. Been F5’ing since early January on PlayAsia for a certain Kotobukiya upcoming releases.

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