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Colorful Hida-no Seto

Glowing Hida-no Seto, originally uploaded by e-jump.

This actually is a preserved old village in Hida. The frozen field is actually a frozen pond. During winter, the attraction is the colored lights.
Hida-Takayama,Gifu, Feb2012

Night is coming

Night is coming, originally uploaded by e-jump.

As night comes, street light switched on and lit up the reads by the river.
Takayama Gifu, Feb2012

Sharing my Japan 2012 Winter Itinerary

Suddenly I feel like want to share my previous Japan winter trip itinerary that i did back in February this year, just in case someone is interested to use it as reference for their upcoming trip. Read More…

Sillhouete gate

Sillhouete gate, originally uploaded by e-jump.

A quiet evening in Hida-Takayama
Hida-Takayama, Feb 2012