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Galaxy Express 999

Galaxy Express 999, originally uploaded by e-jump.

Out of my way, im off to the galaxy.
They had custom decorated cars to Toshimaen, and this is one of em.
Ikebukuro, Feb 2012

Sharing my Japan 2012 Winter Itinerary

Suddenly I feel like want to share my previous Japan winter trip itinerary that i did back in February this year, just in case someone is interested to use it as reference for their upcoming trip. Read More…

Kanba x Himari x Shouma

Kanba x Himari x Shouma, originally uploaded by e-jump.

@ Toshimaen Cosplay outing,
Nerima Tokyo, Feb2012

Shibuya Crossing [panorama]

Shibuya Crossing panorama, originally uploaded by e-jump.

Shibuya, Feb2012