AFASG 2017 Artistes lineup FINAL update – 10Oct, Nogizaka46 ??!

Lo and behold. As of todays AFASG organizer’s facebook update here, these will be the final lineup for the concerts 🙂

The final addition from the 22 Sept list are Iris, Nogizaka46 (both on 24 Nov), nano (25 Nov), EGOIST screening (26Nov  ).

24 Nov : FLOW, Shiena Nishizawa, Tomohisa Sako, Iris, with Idol Showcase: 乃木坂46(NOGIZAKA46)

25 Nov : ClariS, Konomi Suzuki, nano, TRUE, Moso Calibration

26 Nov: EGOIST special screening, fripSide, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, Mashiro Ayano, May’n

Idol Showcase tte nanee?? As explained on FB (linked above), it is just a segment branding for Nogizaka46, but they will perform live on stage just as other artistes.

For EGOIST segment however, it will be a screening play of the musics. Honestly by having Nogizaka46 there on Day1, Day1 will be a full house no doubt LOL.

Anyway, ticketing information available at

Follow the official AFASG website at and facebook at

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